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Mark and Jack were sitting on opposite sides of the couch, watching some silly mind-numbing video on YouTube. It was Christmas vacation and they were the only two left in the house. Jack got up to refill his hot cocoa and grabbed Mark's too, noticing that it was low, and probably cold.
"Thanks, babe." Mark said without thinking.
"Uh...You're welcome?" Jack replied, turning towards the kitchen with a blush. Mark got up and followed the Irishman into the other room.
"Jack..." Mark pleaded, standing behind his friend, watching him mixing their drinks,
"You know I didn't mean it like that. It just slipped out."
"I know." Jack turned and handed Mark his drink. Mark smiled good-naturedly and gripped the mugs of hot cocoa in his hands, leaning forward to place them far on the counter, taking a chance to press his lips sweetly to Jack's.
"That just slipped out too. Actually, that one was more of a magnetic attraction thing." He broke the kiss with a smirk. Jack's cheeks were burning red.
"We'd better get back. The show's been running for a while..." Jack stammered, eyes locked onto Mark's damp lips.
"We can watch it anytime." Mark replied, dragging Jack's worn grey t-shirt over his head, hands sliding along Jack's waist, bringing their bodies closer.
"But the cocoa will get cold." Jack sighed, feeling Mark nuzzle beneath his ear.
"I'm in the mood for something sweeter." Mark's fingers unclasped the Irishman's jeans.
"Like me?" Jack whispered, building lust making his voice a husky purr. He pulled at the collar of Mark's shirt, brushing his lips over the pulse point of Mark's throat as his hand slid into the front of Mark's jeans.
"Ja-Sean..." Mark groaned beneath those hungry lips and searching fingers. He could feel his cheeks getting warm. Jack mumbled a 'hmm?' against Mark's collarbones. Mark groaned and felt himself twitch against Jack's palm. Jack smirked against his throat. He stripped Mark's shirt off of him, tracing his fingers down the cleft between those hard pecs.
"You said you wanted something sweeter. Don't you want a taste of me?" Jack licked his lips and Mark fell to his knees under that hot gaze. He pulled Jack's jeans down with him and slid his hands along those smooth milky thighs. Mark nuzzled Jack's boxers and felt the Irishman jerk against his warm lips as he exhaled, a damp patch showing Jack's blatant excitement.
Mark slowly removed Jack's boxers, drawing out the moment, relishing in the Irishman's heady sighs of anticipation. When Mark couldn't wait any longer he slid a hand around Jack's warm flesh to steady him and lowered his head, feeling Jack gasp and bury a hand in his fiery red hair. Mark slid down slowly, loving the mewling noises coming from above him.
Jack's knees almost buckled feeling that slick mouth between his legs. Mark took him deeper and moaned, hands sliding up to squeeze Jack's backside playfully, pushing the Irishman's hips further forward, clearly loving the feel of Jack's cock down his throat. Jack bit his lip as Mark glanced up, fixing the Irishman with a pleasured look.
Mark slid Jack's cock from between his damp lips and lapped at the tip. Jack gripped Mark's hair tighter and leaned his head back as that slick tongue and those velvet lips ran along the underside, making him shiver; collapsed against the kitchen counter, moaning in pleasure. Mark was intoxicated with the feel of Jack's heavy cock on his tongue, doing everything he could to make Jack cry out.
The gamer finally released Jack's hard flesh from between his lips and stood up. His blood was burning hot. Jack's cheeks were flushed and pink; the same color as the flared head of his cock as Mark wiggled out of his pants and pressed their naked bodies together, squeezing them both in his firm grip. Jack was getting more and more riled up. He wanted more.
He turned to face the counter, his cock leaking precome liberally from the tip. He felt himself twitch hard as the twist of a cap met his ears. Mark got a little overzealous with the oil and Jack felt it drip down his inner thighs, making his brain conjure up dirty thoughts in a sudden pulse of pleasure. The situation was slipping out of his control as Mark's damp lips slid up his neck, that breath hot against his ear,
"I want to hear you scream for me...." Jack shivered as Mark's hand gripped his hip, the other one sliding down the cleft of his ass, fingers pushing against that tight pucker. Jack bit his lip and the slick press of those fingers made his cock twitch with expectation. Mark's warm breath tickled the hairs on the back of his neck.
Jack moaned as he felt Mark push inside, his cock leaving a wet smear along Jack's hip from where their bodies connected. Mark was just as turned on as he was. The Irishman braced himself on the kitchen counter and pushed back as a second finger entered him. Mark scissored his fingers gently, loving the whimpering sounds that Jack was making. He was moaning like a perverted schoolboy.
Mark saw Jack's cock twitch greedily, leaving a pool of opalescent precome on the counter. Mark's hand slid from the Irishman's body to drag through the wetness left there and smear it across his fingers. He curled his hand over Jack's rigid cock and the Irishman jerked in the gamer's sinful grip. Jack mewled and bucked his hips. Those ice-blue eyes slipped closed in ecstasy as Jack's panting breath filled the silence. Jack could feel himself getting close. Mark was squeezing him deliciously; those fingers shoved hard in his ass. It was like overdosing on pleasure. But it could get so much better.
"Do you want me inside you?" Mark's dirty mouth made Jack nod and whimper. His eyes were squeezed shut, mouth slack in pleasure. The onslaught of desire washing over his body was making everything hyper-sensitive. Mark's fingers slid from between his legs, leaving Jack empty and drained. Those fingers still gripped his cock, squeezing enticingly as Mark ran his hard length along Jack's backside. With every teasing swipe Jack shivered, hips pressing back greedily, wanting it so badly he could hardly wait.
"Give it to me, Mark." Jack pleaded, fingers clenching as he thrust weakly into Mark's fist, craving release. He was panting like an animal, grinding himself against Mark like a cock-starved slut.
"Patience is a virtue, Jack..." Mark purred dangerously, squeezing at the base of Jack's length and biting down on a pale shoulder. Jack felt Mark align himself with his entrance and gnawed his lip again, a throaty moan flying from his mouth as Mark pushed into him. Mark groaned and shuddered. Jack was so tight.
Jack's whole body clenched at the feel of Mark's thick cock. It was so much better than he had imagined. But then Mark started to move. The lulling pressure was intensified and Jack cried out in ecstasy,
"God, good!!" Mark couldn't form complete thoughts. Jack's body was even better than he had dreamed. So sinfully tight. Mark fisted a hand in Jack's acid-green hair and yanked, hearing Jack moan as he pushed his hips back against Mark's body.
"Oh, shite! Fuck me, Mark!" Jack's accent was even sexier when he was crying out in lust. Those dirty words made Mark's stomach flip and he drove in harder, fuelled by that sexy Irish mouth spilling pleasure-drunk words. Mark's hand was working feverishly on Jack's dripping cock, sliding up and down in time with his deep thrusts.
"More! Oh, fuck me! God, Mark, give it to me!!" Jack felt Mark driving into him like a machine and his whole body was throbbing with need. He was panting and crying, swearing like a whore. He was so close. Clenching his muscles, Jack felt his release building molten hot in the pit of his stomach. He was overwhelmed by pleasure as Mark pumped his cock greedily, fucking his ass like a beast. Jack bit his lip and cried out, body convulsing as he shot his load, hot and thick onto the counter.
Mark followed soon after, crying out in pleasure and pumping his release deep into the Irishman's shuddering body. Jack collapsed against the counter and Mark kissed his back tenderly as he pulled out gently and the remains of their love-making splattered onto the floor. Mark leaned heavily against the opposite counter and stared at Jack with heavy-lidded eyes. Jack smiled weakly and sighed,
"You're amazing, Mark."
"You're amazing, Jack." The gamer purred, mustering enough strength to push off of the counter and wrap the Irishman in his shivering arms. Jack nuzzled underneath Mark's chin and fit their bodies together. Jack traced lazy circles on Mark's back, lightly kissing that sweaty tanned skin. Mark kissed the top of Jack's head, leaning forward to grab the cold cups of hot chocolate.
"Well, these are wasted."
"It was a good waste of time." Jack mumbled, feeling his cheeks flush again.
"Should we bother making fresh cups?" Mark asked.
"Nah. I can think of a much better use of our time...." Jack gripped Mark behind the neck and brought him down for a deep kiss. Mark moaned into Jack's mouth and the Irishman nibbled on his lower lip, sliding a hand against Mark's half-hard cock.
"What do you suggest?" Mark questioned. Jack just smirked and led him towards the bedroom.
This is a fleshed out version of "Sweet and Hot as Cocoa"

Jack and Mark find a way to waste some time.

I wrote this while listening to this song on repeat!…
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